Wednesday, May 27, 2009

almost time!

Friday, May 15, 2009

t-minus 2 weeks

just a reminder, you are supposed to be bringing the following things (if you can't, post here or email me or Lona). this is the same list Lona emailed a few weeks ago.

Quick - slide show - bring toaster, slide projector, slides, Fireside book of folksongs, work on puppet show script

Dottie - old logs, sheet (for screen)

Lona - teeshirts, Fireside book of folksongs, movie camera

Piri - veggie grilling ingredients for Sat. evening, charcoal, puppet stage

Lynnis - bagel brunch for Saturday

Dorn - drinks for Friday evening (Jim will bring beer)

Kathleen - non grilled dinner contribution for Saturday, puppet show judge

Tara - puppet making supplies, Fireside book of folksongs, published zine

Jim - non veggie grilling for Saturday evening, charcoal, beer

Andelle - paper dining supplies

Haven - pasta salad for Saturday lunch, work on puppet show script

Torren - plastic cutlery

Innes - secure boat house, Fireside book of folksongs, Ukelele, CD playerChris - puppet show judge

Hallie - Friday evening cake, frisbee, typewriter, family tree, movie camera

Ysa - pasta salad for Saturday lunch, CD of songs from 1949, work on puppet show script

Roal - Drinks for Saturday (Jim will bring beer), puppet show Judge

Elise - Dessert for Saturday

Lynn - supplies for making background scenery for the puppet show

Everybody who wants to - an award for the puppet show

Everybody who wants to - games, musical instruments

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lona's effort

They are supposed to remind you of someone!