Thursday, March 12, 2009


When I was young, I was attached to a stuffed animal named Tigey. I took Tigey to the zoo once to show him the real tigers. He and his wife, Skinny Kitty, and thier son, Tiny Teddy went on many adventures that were chronicalled in books Soren and I wrote. Soren was jealous of my Tigey and Skinny Kitty, so he got his own. Nanny made the original Skinny Kitty for me out of an old t-shirt. Lona made Soren's for him, and I found an organic cotton one that I bought for Linnea before she was born. Innes crocheted Tiny Teddy. Soren's Tigey got lost out the window of our car when his leash broke on the Beltway. My Tiny Teddy fell down a deep narrow hole when his leash broke. After that we stopped putting our stuffed animals on leashes. Because I was so fond of Tigey and Tigers, Gangang made me this handsome sock puppet.
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Lynnis said...

Brian has an equally precious and moth eaten Tigey that looks just like yours! His color is a bit brighter than I remember yours being.